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Your Personal Bank

Intro to Your Personal Bank: Financial Tool of the Wealthy

A Life-Changing Event!

Thursday, 9/5/19 @ 7 pm

Topics to Be Covered

Gain Control of Your Money

Create Tax-Favored Income

Access more Money over Your Lifetime

Purely educational. Nothing will be sold.

Date: Thur, 9/5/19
Time: 7 - 8pm
Location:  Cobblestone Realty 4056 W Armitage Chicago IL 60639
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Featuring Nationally acclaimed Public Speaker/Entrepreneur

Ferenc Toth

President and Founder


Ferenc is host of the popular Your Personal Bank show on Money Radio. He is a nationally acclaimed speaker and educator on financial literacy. Ferenc is a successful entrepreneur of several businesses, including retail, real estate, and for the past 15 years, President and Founder of Secure Estate Management. Ferenc is also Chairman of the Board of Directors for a Community Bank in formation.

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For questions, please email ferenc@securemgt.com