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Letter to agents of Secure Estate Management Dear Chris and Jack, I want to thank you both for the extra effort you have given me regarding the settlement of my late father’s estate and setting up a retirement plan for me as well. The personal service you have shown has made a very difficult time go very smoothly. You have earned my respect and most importantly my trust. You have repeatedly gone out of your way to help both personally and professionally, and I feel i have made two good friends. I am confidant that everything you have done, and will continue to do, will secure my financial future in the most beneficial way and assures me that I am in the best hands possible. Thank you again,

FINALLY--an agent who understands how to maximize the benefits of the Personal Banking concept! I had worked with three other agents and rejected a “family bank” contract I was approved for because it turned out not to have the features I’d been promised. Then I was referred to Ferenc Toth, who has patiently answered my gazillion questions over a period of half a year. He set up four Personal Bank contracts to fit our needs. Best of all: As soon as the funds were received, before the ink was dry, I was quickly mailed out a whopping huge check! 

My mother set up her trust in 2006 using the attorney recommended by Secure Estate Management. She also chose to transfer her accounts into an annuity they recommended. Recently, my mother died and the agent who worked with her met with my brothers and I. He was very professional and assisted us with all the paperwork to settle her estate. I learned firsthand, that because of her trust, everything was quite simple and was completed quickly. My brothers and I were also surprised to learn that her accounts had grown 24% in the past two years! We thought she had lost a lot of money because of the recent stock market crash. In addition, the agent showed us how to receive our inheritance nearly tax-free, instead of one-third of the money going straight to the IRS. The extra money was extremely timely because two of my brothers had recently lost their jobs due to the bad economy. I highly recommend Secure Estate Management.

My husband and I updated our trust with the attorney Secure Estate Management recommended in 2004. When my husband passed away last year, their representative met with me several times to organize my papers. My husband handled all our finances. When he became ill it had become a mess. He helped me track down an account I didn’t know we had. He also helped me recover over $13,000 in charges due to a bad investment my husband had made shortly before he died. I had them set up several accounts to ensure I would have enough imcome to live on. I know many retirees in my church group who are now worried about having enough money. I have not lost any money and the checks keep coming every month. In fact, I am going on a 40-day cruise to Antarctica this June! My husband was retired military. I never thought I would have enough to live on and afford a cruise like this at 81 years old! I am very happy with their service. I have referred Secure Estate Management to several friends who have been very pleased with their services as well!

I am writing this letter on behalf of Secure Estate Management, to let you know how well they have taken care of my family’s account. In September 2004 a representative from Secure Estate Management came to our home to tell us about the services they offered. I was very impressed and I liked the sound of his plans. I decided to withdraw my money from my account. Where I had my money at the time wasn’t working out very well at all. I had been with a previous company that promised I would be visited every year when my account came up for renewal, would be advised on how my account was doing, and if I would like to make any changes. A year later, when nobody showed up, I called to ask a question about my account. I was told by the woman who answered the phone that I didn’t need to worry about anything, just leave everything alone. After calling three times and driving to the office, they refused to meet with me. They didn’t care enough about me or my account; which I admit wasn’t large, but it was all I had. I chose to sign up with Secure Estate Management. They have met with me each year and advised me on my account. They are taking care of me and my fiances. I am now with someone who cares and I can trust and stand by their word!

Today we completed our Living Trust with the attorney Secure Estate Management recommended. What a pleasant experience. He explained everything in as much detail as we needed. We also needed some advice regarding a couple of our accounts and although our returns were not bad the representative did point out that we could, by a few changes, save on taxes. We chose to make the recommended account changes. We are altogether pleased with Secure Estate Management’s services and look forward to a long association.

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